Order Questions

Can I get a discount if I buy multiple boards?
We do not currently provide additional discount for buying more than one board. You can sign up to our mail list to receive our latest offers and deals.
Tue, 19 Oct, 2021 at 1:24 PM
Has my order gone through?
When an order is successful you will receive an email confirmation. If you do not see this in your inbox, please do check your spam/junk folder. If you...
Tue, 19 Oct, 2021 at 1:26 PM
Can I buy just the board?
All of our boards come as part of packages complete with all the essential accessories to get you out on the water paddling. We cannot split these. 
Tue, 19 Oct, 2021 at 1:27 PM
Can I buy a gift card?
Yes, we have recently launched our Gift vouchers and they are available here.
Tue, 19 Oct, 2021 at 1:28 PM
How can I cancel an order?
As long as your order has not yet been processed, we can cancel your order and issue a refund straight away. You can give our customer service team a call o...
Thu, 28 Oct, 2021 at 4:11 PM
Do you have any stores?
We do not have physical locations yet. We are available online only. 
Wed, 27 Oct, 2021 at 2:31 PM
Can I swap the paddle that my board comes with to a Carbon paddle?
We are not able to swap out the paddle as the packages are pre-packed with the standard adjustable paddles (Pace, Max, All Round Ten) or the kayak paddle (R...
Fri, 12 Nov, 2021 at 3:13 PM
Why has my order been cancelled?
If you have chosen to pay with Klarna, the order will be received as "Pending Payment". If the payment is not successful, the order status will be...
Thu, 28 Oct, 2021 at 4:17 PM